Polycarbonate systems are separated as multi-storey, single-storey solid, modular facade polycarbonate sheets, lockable polycarbonate systems.Multi-layer polycarbonate sheets provide the most ideal solution in places that require the best use of daylight, and are extremely resistant to impacts due to their resin properties. It is very light compared to coating materials such as glass and acrylic. It provides ease of design in architecture due to its cold bending feature. It is long-lasting and has excellent light passing through protection systems such as ultraviolet filtration and water retention on the surface.Single-layer solid polycarbonate sheets; as with multi-layer polycarbonate sheets, the typical feature is unbreakable as well as MM/m2 si 1.2 kg because of the weight of the glass provides an excellent advantage.Solid polycarbonate sheets produced without ultraviolet and ultraviolet provide a price advantage for indoor and outdoor applications. Solid polycarbonate sheets, which are suitable for cold and hot bending, are an inevitable material for places where safety is of paramount importance and have excellent light transmission. The modular facade system is an interlocking modular system that can be used in various thicknesses (16/20/40mm), ideal for industrial siding and windows. The modular system is a product with high light transmission, good thermal insulation and an aesthetic appearance with reduced connection profiles. The system is complemented by anodized aluminum frame, sealing seals and balancing profiles. The locking polycarbonate system represents the natural development of clip systems thanks to the advantages of the special joining Channel. When mounted externally, it provides resistance to high wind absorption force with its sealing compound and flawless bottom surface. The specially designed shape of its side edges helps reduce the sounds caused by material expansion. Sheets can also be combined using an inward-facing aluminum channel to provide greater resistance to snow load.
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